In September 2023, I launched my first collection called Nightsky. Each design was carefully crafted with attention to detail and love. A wide range of colors was particularly important to me for this collection, in order to offer something for every taste. The designs are all available in limited quantities and will not be reproduced, giving them a special and exclusive character.


Our unique necklace with a self-designed pendant in the shape of a diamond evokes the image of a cut gemstone with a crescent moon, giving the impression of a polished gemstone capturing the night sky. The simple yet meaningful and striking design makes this pendant a popular accessory for everyday wear. Discover the timeless elegance and captivating allure of this unique piece of jewelry.

1. A black - 1. B red - 1. C purple - 1. D blue

Fullmoon Bat Dream

This unique pendant has been designed with great attention to detail and features a mysterious full moon surrounded by three elegant bats. The simple frame accentuates the captivating motif, giving the piece a special allure. A perfect accessory for those who love the mystical and magical.

2. A red - 2. B purple - 2. C blue grey - 2. D blue yellow

Twilight Moonrise

Our exclusively designed pendant showcases a nighttime sky, with a half moon surrounded by clouds and stars. The design is encased in a simple frame, exuding a mystical atmosphere. A unique piece of jewelry for those who wish to wear the beauty of the night around their neck.

3. A black yellow - 3. B black orange - 3. C black red - 3. D blue yellow - 3. E black blue - 3. F black pink purple

Gothic Night Lantern

May this lantern always light your way and safely guide you to your destination. A simple yet elegant lantern that illuminates every outfit.

4. A black white - 4. B black white glow - 4. C pastell purple pink blue - 4. D black red - 4. E black yellow

Cloudy Night Sky

This wonderfully self-designed necklace is intended to always give you the feeling of being accompanied by a beautiful night with a moon surrounded by clouds. The feeling one has when taking the time at night to gaze at the moon and simply let the soul unwind.

5. A rainbow - 5. B pink purple - 5. C blue - 5. D pastell white - 5. E pastell white glitter

Dragon Sword

May the dragon always protect you and fight any battle with you. The shape of the pendant could be interpreted as a D20 dice, or even as a shield with which the dragon can both defend and attack, to defeat any kind of evil.

6. A black - 6. B purple - 6. C blue - 6. D red - 6. E orange - 6. F green